Gambody & Creality Bundles

High quality stl files meet new generation resin 3d printer



Gambody is a premium marketplace that deals with high-poly 3d printing models in stl format that are adapted for all types of 3d printers. The service distinguishes itself with highly detailed models and full technical support for life.


Creality3d is a professional 3d printer manufacturing company based in Shenzhen, China. Creality focuses on design, research and production of high quality FDM/resin 3d printers and 3d printing related products, as well as on 3d printing software research.

How do i benefit from bundles?

High quality .stls by Gambody adaptation for Halot
Resin 3d printer of new generation
Exclusive price
Full support of STLs for life


Integral light source
Ota update online
Wi-Fi connectivity
Precision Z-axis module
5.96-inch monochrome lcd
Efficient cooling & filtration
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Halot-one 3d printer arrives fully assembled. All you need to do is install the build platform, plug in the power cable and get down to 3d printing!

The printer is equipped with a big and responsive 5-inch colour touchscreen with a user-friendly interface. Two ports adjoining the screen are for usb and computer connection.

The main printing parameters are set up directly on the printer and there are only three of them: bottom exposure time (max 70s), light off delay (max 10s) and exposure time (max 10.0s). There is also a new slicer creality box that you can

The unique self-developed light source that boasts a 120W 6-lamp spotlight yielded excellent results during the tests.

Halot-one demonstrates relatively high printing speed while preserving the impressive quality of 3d printing.

The resulting 3d printed figurine of Arthas Menethil showcases the finest details that were so attentively sculpted by Gambody contributing 3d artist.